About Your Hosts

Michele Yeomans

Michele is a warm, animated speaker and trainer with boundless energy! More importantly, she possesses the required wisdom to assist people through their life’s journey, and dispenses it in a friendly, genuine, and refreshing way. She works with individuals who feel as if their lives lack real purpose, meaning or significance, helping them to find a deeper understanding of who they are, ultimately guiding them to find their purpose and to live a life that is authentic and true to themselves. In her speaking, training and coaching, she shares her insights and knowledge, connecting and communicating with clarity and practicality.  Her natural talent for empowering those around her, inspires her listeners to find their inner happiness, teaching them how to relax into life, and navigate through conflicts with ease.

She shares her wealth of knowledge with her audience through her on-line programmes, talks and workshops. She is entertaining, informative and truly inspirational; a true catalyst for creating positive changes in the lives of others.

Mala Bridgelal Ram

Mala is an intuitive healer and natural psychologist who has a passion for grasping the underlying nature of human behaviour. Her background in nursing, and she is a qualified NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and coach. She works with individuals with deep emotional blocks which prevent them from not only moving on, but from having the happiness they deserve. Because her healing is very intuitive-based she operates through a unique combination which draws upon the combined practices of the most effective methods of healing. With this approach she allows, teaches and enables the client to heal and self-heal in a very relaxed and caring manner. Mala speaks, trains and coaches  on intuitive healing and how to give untainted feedback to your clients.